Fittotech is a highly featured software designed to make easy handling of administration, clients. It’s an easy-to-use gym and health club membership management system. It also helps you to keep records of your clients and their memberships and allows easy end-end communication between you and your members. It’s our mission to help the gym run their business more efficiently and help their clients more effectively, so they are well equipped for further growth.

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Regular workout is vital for good physical and mental health. The women who does regular exercise says that it improves their physical fitness, having fun, maintain their weight and have their own time.

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According to a study one should workout daily for at least 150 minutes a day. It helps you improve your balance, stamina, physical fitness, strengthen your bones, help you lose weight and gives good physic.

This software can enhance the customer’s experience and help one become even more successful by targeting the preferable audience and increasing the no of customers.
Easy end-to-end communication offers motivational tips, health tips, gym cards, diet plans, reminders and much more.
Fittotech provides a mobile application will the access to all features from workout list, progress tracking, class scheduling, diet plans, gym cards, attendance tracking, reminders, and tips for the day and much more.
Fittotech cuts off the heavy paper work and have an easy access on laptops by just a click. A scanning method includes QR scanner for attendance tracking, Track records, easily data accessible so having an insight control over the gym.

Benefit of Fitness

Regular exercise helps you reduce weight. Exercise can help you prevent excess weight gain. It makes your bones and muscles strong.

Fitness improves your health condition and prevent diseases. Regular physical activities helps prevent a wide range of health problems. It also lowers the risk of death from all causes.

Well, regular fitness improves your stamina and strength. One feels more energized all day long. It also enhance your skin health.

Regular physical activities can increase your aspects of health, improves your hormones that makes you feel better and happier. It helps relieve chronic pain and improves the quality of life. It also helps with sleep quality and relaxation.

Weight Loss
After months of hardwork, pumping iron, and saying no to your favourite food you get in shape and feel confident about your appearance. Getting rid of your fat once gives you a lot of benefits such as better sleep, better hormonal balance, better mood, reduces joint pain, reliefs stress, better immune system.
Weight Gain
Especially for the one who wants to gain weight should focus on gaining muscles. Usually, it’s healthier to gain weight as muscles rather than fat. Skinny doesn’t equal to healthy, gaining few pounds help you to get body appreciations, better relation with foods, better sleep, better social life.
Fitness not only means about physical fitness it also includes mental health as well. People who are physically fit are healthier, can maintain their own optimum weight and are far away from cardiac and other health problems.
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Endurance & Power
Endurance and strength are two main important parts, lift weights and do day-to-day activities.it helps it to increase your ability to do activities, reduces the risk of injury, healthy body and weight, improve confidence and keeps you fit and active.

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